La Fondation Madeleine-Sanam Foundation (FMSF)

Promoting the empowerment of African women in order to reduce poverty.

Founded in 1999

La Fondation Madeleine-Sanam Foundation (FMSF) is associated with the fight against HIV/AIDS. While we recognize that HIV remains a pandemic globally and among African-Canadian descendants, the goals of the Madeleine-Sanam Foundation (FMS) is to promote the empowerment of African women since its inception in order to reduce poverty among African-Canadian women, which remains the primary determinant of health. The FMS follows one of the policies of Canada and the United Nations in the fight against HIV, one of which consists of examining the determinants of health and HIV, in order to make this fight effective and thus end HIV.1.

Our non-profit NGO was founded by Chantal Londji Dang in 1999 in Edmonton to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the death of her older sister Madeleine-Sanam to reflect her values. She was a woman of great generosity. Madeleine was a very compassionate and caring woman to people who were marginalized through her humble community actions. A legacy of universal values that continue to live on through the services that the Madeleine-Sanam Foundation (FMS) offers today.

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Become a researcher with us and get involved in our community of scientific research! We support community and scientific research focused on the HIV response and the search for solutions to reduce the economic (financial) insecurity of women living with HIV.

If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about our work, please reach out on our Contact page.